What is Seal Chain?

Seal Chain is a financial public chain specifically created for circulation of blockchain assets, designed to create a new blockchain era – Smart Securities,Building an ecology for the next generation financial system - Machine Finance.

White Paper of Seal

White Paper of Seal(Chinese)

White Paper of Seal(Korean)

Our Vision

SEAL CHAIN Technical Advantages

Application Scenarios

Currently, Seal main chain is online and connected to 5 application scenarios.It is expected to cover 50 application scenarios and 10 million people by the end of the year.

Inclusive Finance


Supply Chain Finance

Smart Investment


Our Team

The team of SEAL has distinctive strength in both blockchain and finance, most of its top management are senior practitioners in Wall Street’s financial industry, some of them owns more than 20 years experience. With an in-depth research on blockchain technology, its CTO, Han Fei, had ever been selected into the List of Top 100 in Global Blockchain Patents, and given the guide funding by the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission for the blockchain project he had led.

Founder and Foundation Chairman Marvin Zhang

Department of International Economics, People’s University of China.

Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Used to work for Lehman Brothers, ABN Amro and UBS Group in Hong Kong, Songliao Automobile Co., Ltd in Beijing, Linesum Co. ,Ltd. And etc.

Co-founder Simon Xi

MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

More than 20 years of financial management experience.

Previously employed as the executive director of private investment department of Merrill Lynch in Asia, senior vice president of Credit Suisse in China, co-director of UBS in China.

Co-founder Haifan Ge

Department of International Economics, People’s University of China.

MBA from University of Rochester, USA.

20 years of experiences in Wall Street finance.

Previously employed by Credit Suisse as US Stock Department COO, and Deutsche Bank North American Bond Options COO.

CTO Ming Li

Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Ranks 59th globally for his 12 blockchain patents.

Nearly 20 years of architecture and development experience, in-depth research on blockchain Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Used to work for Lehman Brothers, ABN Amro and UBS Group in Hong Kong, Songliao Automobile Co., Ltd in Beijing, Linesum Co. ,Ltd. And etc. technology, the leading blockchain project has been rewarded with guide fund by the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission.

Co-founder Lena Zheng

Multi-entrepreneurial experience; Used to work for President Class, MBA, Xiamen University, Youyicheng Software Co., Ltd., Manzai Investment Co., Ltd. and etc.


Xuyang Zhang

Currently serves as vice president in Baidu and is responsible for the asset management, financing, third-party payment and other businesses of FSG, with extensive experience in financial practice and management. And is one of the leading figures in the field of wealth and asset management in China.

Lijing Guo

Currently serves as senior director of cloud computing service of Jingdong Cloud division. Previously employed by Jinshan, Taobao. Focus on public cloud services; Docker, API and big data technologies and other fields.

Hao Zou

Vice-president of risk control at Lending Club, which is the world's largest P2P online lending company. Created an efficient mechanism which utilizes Internet to allow allocation capital between borrowers and investors.


World’s largest financial consortium company, providing blockchain technology for banks, such as Wells Fargo, New York Mellon Bank, Citigroup, and German Commerzbank.

Christopher Kingsbury

Bachelor in Computer Science from George Mason University.Currently employed as TradingScreen Chief Technology Officer. Formerly a developer of the NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) project.

Andrew Carman

MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management. Currently serves as SQN capital Management global COO. Previous experiences include CEO of Siemens Financial Services and the vice-president of GE Capital.

Cooperative Enterprises