Financial Public Chain Designed Specifically
for Blockchain Assets Circulation


Seal = Securities Allocation

Seal Chain is the first global financial public blockchain, focusing on blockchain financial
asset transactions and fostering the fourth generation of blockchain - Smart Securities,
in order to realize the next generation of financial system - ecology built by machinery finance.

White Paper of Seal

White Paper of Seal(Chinese)

Four Highlights


Scenario 1


The issued “Gold-Standard-Like” stable currency which is backed by physical gold is created for Blockchain assets transactions of real economy.

Scenario 2


To build Blockchain ABS platform for communication among various participants and achieve life-cycle management as well as pass-through supervision of underlying assets.

Scenario 3


To break through geographical constraint and reduce the risk of platform fund pool and cost of of investors to make secure and reliable credit service,available for participants all over the world.

Scenario 4


To build a smart contract platform to create a supply chain financial ecological circle integrating financial institutions, core enterprises, financial service platforms; and solve the financing problems of small to medium-sized enterprises.

Scenario 5


Compared with traditional insurance, the insurance using Blockchain technology has more advantages and features like transparent reconciliation of assets, smart contract, traceable subject matter and so on.

Scenario 6


To introduce the third-party AI algorithm for analysis of Robo-advisor so that every investor is able to automatically allot his investment to all smart security products that fit his preference.


The team of SEAL has perfect strength in both Blockchain and finance, and most of its top managers are all senior practitioners in finance area with more than 20 year's experience in financial management in Wall Street.
With an in-depth research on Blockchain technology, the CTO is selected into the list of Global Blockchain Patent Top 100 and given the guide funding by the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission for the Blockchain project he led.

Marvin Zhang - Founder

MBA, Leonard N. Stern School of Business Successively worked for Lehman Brothers, the major financial institution in Wall Street, ABN Amro and UBS Group in Hong Kong, Songliao Automobile Co.,Ltd in Beijing and Linesum Co.,Ltd.

Simon Xi - CO-Founder

Used to be the executive director of private investment department of Merrill Lynch in Asia, senior vice president of Credit Suisse in China, co-director of UBS in China and the partner of Apex Capital and Tiantu Capital (833979)

Renfang Zheng - CO-Founder

Multi entrepreneurial experience and previously worked for MBA president class of Xiamen University, Youyicheng software company, Manzai investment company and so on.

Han Fei - CTO

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranks 59th globally for his 12 blockchain patents.